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Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited & Zambia National Building Society Memorandum of Understanding

Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited (API) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) to enable customers to access affordable mortgages. This partnership aims to provide customers with access to quality and affordable housing and mortgages at competitive interest rates and loan terms, which is a major challenge for many Zambians. 

Through this partnership, customers will be able to obtain mortgages that will enable them to purchase a new home. The mortgage product will be tailored to meet the specific needs of Zambians, and will be offered at a competitive interest rate. The partnership will also provide customers with access to expert advice on housing and mortgage-related matters, ensuring that they make informed decisions when purchasing a home.

In conclusion, the partnership between Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited and Zambia National Building Society is a positive step towards addressing the housing deficit in Zambia. By providing access to affordable mortgages, the initiative will enable more Zambians to own a home, which is a basic human right. The partnership will also contribute to the development of the Zambian economy by creating jobs, boosting the construction industry, and stimulating economic growth.

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Unlock Your Dream Home With Ease
Affordable Mortgages Now Available

Are you ready to unlock your dream home in the exclusive Emerald Hill gated community?

Look no further than ZNBS for affordable mortgages that make owning your own home a reality. Zambia National Building Society’s team of experienced mortgage advisors is dedicated to helping you find the perfect mortgage to fit your budget and lifestyle.

With competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms, you can finally live in the home you’ve always wanted. And with Emerald Hill’s stunning natural beauty, and easy access to amenities, there’s never been a better time to invest in a new home here. Don’t wait any longer to make your dream a reality, sign up for a ZNBS mortgage today and start living the life you deserve in the stunning Emerald Hill gated community.

Why Choose ZNBS?

  • Anyone with an income is illegible to get a mortgage e.g salary, rental or business
  • Competitive rate of 16%
  • Offers outright purchase loans and can finance upto 100% repayment period is between 2 – 25 years

Mortgage Requirements

  • Introduction letter from your current employer, which should clearly indicate whether you are employed on a permanent or contract basis.
  • Certified photocopy of either the national registration card or a valid passport
  • One (1) passport-size photo
  • Copy of a title deed, land record card, or occupancy licence
  • Original and latest payslip stamped and signed by payroll accountant
  • Latest bank statements for the past six months (original or certified copies)
  • Proof of residence, i.e., utility bill
  • Approved building plans to be submitted if constructing.
  • Schedule of works to be submitted for all borrowing except outright purchase
  • Proof of payment of rates and ground rent from the council and Ministry of Lands, respectively (attach a copy of the latest receipt).
  • A copy of the contract must be attached if you are employed on contract.
  • A stage inspection fee of K500.00 within Lusaka CBD and Ndola and K700.00 elsewhere is to be paid for each site visit.
  • Valid lease where rental income is declared

For outright purchase

  • Copy of the NRC of the vendor,
  • Offer Letter
  • Contract of Sale/Letter of Sale

The following documents, obtained through the vendor’s lawyers, will be required after approval of the loan:

  • Granted consent to assign
  • Property Transfer Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Duly executed assignment
  • Duly executed mortgage deed
  • Original Certificate of Title, Land Record Card, or Occupancy Licence

Clients should open one of the two accounts below when the application reaches the offer stage.

Type of account Minimum balance Maintenance fees

  • Mortgage Fixed Deposit Account of K1,000.00 with no maintenance fees
  • Mortgage savings account K700.00 with maintenance fee of K22.00

Requirements for Account Opening

  • Introduction Letter from Current Employer
  • Photocopy of the national registration card (certified)
  • Two (2) passport-size photos
  • Utility bill
  • Handwritten application letter

Mortgage Application Form

Fill in the form below and one of the team from Zambia National Building Society will be in touch to discuss your mortgage requirements.

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