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Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited is a comprehensive corporate group specialising in construction installation, real estate development, and overseas investments, complemented by property management, garden greening, and project ornamentation services. Our headquarters are strategically located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China.

At Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited, our primary focus is overseas project investment distribution. With years of dedicated investments and development efforts in Africa, we have evolved into a significant international enterprise, emphasising international investments, overseas real estate development, and various overseas project contracting activities. Our portfolio extends across numerous African countries, including Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tunisia, Guinea, and Nigeria, as well as global locations such as the United States, Argentina, Sweden, and Mongolia.

Our journey from humble beginnings to a robust and dynamic entity reflects developing a business model uniquely suited to Africa’s needs. In each country we operate, we do not merely provide housing products; we deliver comprehensive housing solutions. Furthermore, our real estate projects in African nations are community-centric, following a grid management approach. We aspire to transform cities through the concept of community, striving for “one community, one city centre” while establishing complete commercial, educational, cultural, and leisure facilities to enhance the region’s overall aesthetics.

Our commitment to innovation and the continuous creation of living environments tailored to African needs is poised to revitalise and elevate urban spaces. We are dedicated to enhancing the essence of the cities we serve.

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Don’t just buy a house. Buy a great lifestyle!

Africa Panorama’s goal is to provide a great lifestyle and affordable housing to its customers.

Our Emerald Hill gated community development project reflects the attitudes and values of our team in ensuring that we provide good quality construction with modern amenities at affordable prices.

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