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Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited, is a comprehensive group corporation with construction installation, real estate development and overseas investment as its main business, while property management, garden greening and project ornament as its supporting business. The headquarter located in Hefei city, Anhui Provence, China.

Africa Panorama Investment Group Limited. is concentrating on the distribution of overseas projects investment. After years of invested and developed in Africa, Africa Panorama has become a large and medium-sized international enterprise, concentrating on international investment, overseas real estate development and all kinds of overseas projects contracting. Africa Panorama has developed many different projects in abroad and many Africa countries, such as Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tunisia, Guinea, Nigeria, America, Argentina, Sweden and Mongolia.

Exploring the creation of wealth, the development process of Africa’s panorama from small to large, from weak to strong over the years is actually a process of exploring and practicing a business model suitable for Africa’s survival. In every country we go to, what we provide to the people is not only a single housing product, but also a complete set of housing solutions; in addition, our real estate projects in African countries are generally based on communities and implement community grid management. Change the city with the concept of community, pursue “one community, one city centre”, and radiate the entire area by establishing complete commercial, education, cultural, and leisure facilities to provide a huge impetus for the change of the regional appearance. At the same time, it will grow with the area and continue to grow. Innovation and continuous creation of a living environment suitable for Africans will ultimately lead the city, change the city, and enhance the taste of the city.

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